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Easy Packs

Are you wanting to follow Charlotte Mason's methods for your homeschool, but feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the choices that we offer?

We are happy to make things less overwhelming for you, by providing these "Easy Pack Worksheets". By popular request, we have put together the following recommendations to help you put together your own "Easy Packs" that will be the best fit for your children.

Since all of our materials are very flexible, we make several recommendations from which to choose for each of our four skill levels, leaving the final choices up to you, since you know your children better than we do.

Simply choose one (or more, if suggested) item from each category for each pack you want to create, using simple drop-downs. The drop-downs will allow you to customize your own Easy Pack for each child, according to each child's interests and skill level.

Each Easy Pack will contain everything you need to homeschool your child for an entire school year! The variety to select from at each level allows you to use the same level for several years, using different materials each year, until your child is ready to move to the next level.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the inclusive nature of our Easy packs, individual items contained in any of the Easy Packs are nonreturnable.

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