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Charlotte Mason in a Box - Box 3


Charlotte Mason in a Box - Box 3 - for children who are reading independently and ready to begin grammar, spelling, some writing, and cursive. Prerequisites - Student should know how to read independently and print fluently. Phonics rules, though mastered in previous levels, will be reviewed through spelling lessons in this level.

Language Lessons for the Very Young & corresponding answer key
Pictures in Cursive Series: Primer and Book A
Learning to Spell Through Copywork: Book A
Words of the Week: Volume 1
Discovering Nature & Science Series: Our Animal Friends
Discovering History Series: World History for Little Learners
Geography: Arabella Learns About Children Around the World
My Bible Reading Notebook
The Student Planner

Optional Add On’s For This Kit From Our “Animal Autobiographies” Series:
Bear Brownie: The Life of a Bear
Jackie Hightree: Adventures of a Squirrel
Kitty Purrpuss: The Memoirs of a Cat
Master Reynard: The History of a Fox
Scamp: A Dog’s Own Story
Wee Willie Mousie: Life From His Own Viewpoint

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