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Hedging the Heart of Your Child by Janice Dortch


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When our children dwell in the secret place of the most High, they will abide under the protection and provision of the Almighty (Psalm 91.) When we allow our children to come out from under that protection, they break the hedge, opening the door to Satanic destruction and defeat in their lives.

Surely we, as parents, have fallen into a pit that we have taken years to dig. While preserving the relationships, we have allowed Satan to pervert their values in our lives.

"Hedging the Heart of Your Child" is designed to assist parents as they teach and train their children in honoring ways based upon the Word of God. The principles taught in this book are an overview of the honor and humility which should flow from every Christian's heart, regardless of age. As a parent, you must first understand and embrace the concept of honor. If you do not accept this material within your own heart, you cannot plant it into the heart of your child.

Throughout this book, you will find Scriptural principles and suggestions for practical applications designed to help you incorporate honor into your child's lifestyle. In today's culture, it is politically incorrect to train our children in the habits of respect, honor, and humility. But thankfully, there is still a remnant of Christians who have chosen to follow God's plan instead of the world's. This book, along with the Bible, is a valuable tool in the training to do so.

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