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Christie's Next Things


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Christie Gilbert is a young lady on the verge of womanhood,seeking for the Lord's will for her life. Upon her high schoolgraduation, she visits with Aunt Patience to talk over her plansfor her future - plans for grandiosity, adventure, and excitement.But, after a heartfelt talk with the old lady, Christie's heart is burdened instead to be used of the Lord to follow the words ofan old Saxon proverb Aunt Patience shares with her, to "do yethe nexte thynge." Christie begins to prayerfully consider the people and situations the Lord puts in her path, looking carefully for the next thing the Lord would have her do to be a help or a blessing in some way in the life of someone, and learns at long last the contentment that comes by living a life fully consecrated to the Lord, by following His will in everyday things - whether they are adventurous and exciting, or simply commonplace and mundane.

The change in her life and the lives of those around her will bless and encourage the reader to seek their own "nexte thynges" to do to bless others in their own life.

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